January 16, 2010

Alaska - The Final Frontier

I cannot even begin to describe the beauty that is Alaska. I had the good fortune of going on a trip for work to Anchorage and Nome the first week of June 2009. In a word, it was AMAZING.

The people were friendly, the scenery was breathtaking, and the wildlife was abundant.

Below is a travel log with pictures that capture just a snippet of my experience in the "final
My first view of the Alaskan mountains from the plane! It's about 11:30pm...and still light.

Lagoon off of the Coastal Trail in Anchorage

The second day into our trip, we flew 500 miles northeast to Nome.

Here I am, next to the giant goldpan!

Here I am in the back of the police cruiser...don't worry - he was just giving us a ride out to the middle of nowhere

Reindeer! They blend in quite well with their surroundings.

MukTuk (whale blubber) and seal salad...yummy.

I can see Russia! Not really.

It's pretty crazy when the closest place is Siberia!

On our last full day in Alaska, we rented a car and drove to Seward.

The tiny white specks are the Dall sheep on the mountain cliffs

And a nice grizzly we met along the way...yes, I jumped out of the car to get this shot. Not smart.

The view of the boats in Seward, from Ray's Waterfront restaurant.

The water here was a gorgeous green-blue.

First view of Exit Glacier

At the base

At the heart of the glacier
And some parting shots...